Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The Temple Session

Dear Journal,

I cannot begin to describe adequately what it was like to go through the temple with my pre-missionary sons for the first time... but like a trooper I am, let me try.....

Going to the temple had been 18 years in planning - from when my pre- missionaries were in primary and their favourite primary song was (and remains one of the only ones we can remember the words to ;-)) "I Love to See the Temple", added to the fact that we live in a place called Temple View, named because the New Zealand Temple is in our community, and from our deck we have one of the best views in the country :-) All of these made us, even if unintentionally and by default, a temple focussed family.
When it came time for the boys to go through, everything was planned and executed perfectly. They attended temple preparation classes with a lovely couple from our ward - Brother and Sister Parker - affectionately known as Aunty Rangi & Uncle Vic. Their father and Bishop interviewed them and then our Stake President.
The temple morning went well enough with us getting the essential clothing and then when the time came we went in. The boy's father and Uncle served as their chaperones, and their Aunties (my sister, and sister-n-law) attended with them. I was with them as much as I could and it was so beautiful. Any ill-feelings or tension we had had in the previous weeks /month were obliterated and disappated or just suspended for a time and I was so happy. I felt my mother's presence as I know she loved my sons very much. The session included two other boys who had recieved their mission calls and one other sister with their families - so there was a fair amount of love in that room!!
The boys went through quietly and thoughtfully and enjoyed it all. I have never loved my sons more than I did on this day and just so happy for each of my sons as they met another milestone with honour and integrity and in reverence and love. What a spiritual occasion that will never be forgotten.
My favourite part was holding  my son's hands before the session started and then again after, and above that was waiting for them to come into the celestial room. My heart was overwhelmed as I greeted them, along with friends and family. I held them in my arms and we embraced, mother and son - connected and spiritually forged!  I will never forget that moment EVER!!

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