Friday, 15 November 2013

Happy as Larry

I am not sure who Larry is but the saying "Happy as Larry" has been a saying that I have been brought up so it is really that old.... :-)  It is also the first phrase that I saw when  I got my weekly fix from my beautiful niece who is serving in the Salt Lake Temple Square Mission. She is just soooo happy!! Her emails are so powerful that they have drawn tear drops from my eyes every time! This week was no exception with the added bonus of actually seeing her through photos. She has been on her mission since September and already the changes in her are amazing! I have to admit - this Aunty is soooo biased, but you would have to agree - she is beautiful and I love her and miss her dearly.
Sister Garisau's emails are sharp and sweet and if I time it right, sometimes she is online when I am and I get a direct response.... and those moments are precious! Today was no exception, so when I got the chance I asked if I could share her email and her photos and her response was a resounding yes, hence my blog post today (and parts of her email ;-))....
"Another week, more experiences.
On Tuesday we had the missionary fireside performance. It was so much fun and something I will never forget.... [On] Thursday we got to the play "Savior of the World." It was so amazing....
This morning we got to go to the Temple. We get to go every transfer, so every six weeks. It is absolutely amazing. Was so cool going through a live session. Loved it so much.
On Tuesday my companion and I got to take an emergency investigator lesson. When the Salt Lake missionaries come to Temple Square with their investigators without scheduling it. They usually have to schedule because the Sisters take them around. We taught with Elders and the investigator, Casey. He investigated before a few years ago but couldn't quit smoking. But now he wants to learn more and see if it is for him. It was so amazing.
One of the elders was [not very good] and was just taking photos the whole time but the other elder was so good. And I was so happy in myself because the three of us were able to bear testimony of about Christ and the Prayer. And in the end I committed to pray and read the Book of Mormon and he said he would. I love this mission!!!
Love you all and keep safe.
Sister Garisau"
Recently, I joined a facebook group called Missionary Mommas and one of the missionary moms posted a video of the missionary fireside that my niece was talking about - she actually recorded it for another one of the missionary mothers - so I had actually seen my niece performing not knowing where she was - so after seeing her photos after the fireside and seeing what she was wearing, I re-watched the video and I could actually see her dancing!! What a blessing ;-) I love my niece as if she was my own. She is such a good examples to my sons who are leaving on their missions in January 2014. We pray that her brother will follow her in February 2014 and the legacy of missionary work continues in our family.

I love being a Missionary Aunty xx


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